The Urban Leadership Academy (ULA) is 8-month interactive non-profit, small business, and entrepreneurial development program focused on strategy development, business acumen, and the crucial leadership skills needed for execution and effective community engagement. The consulting and training sessions combined to create this comprehensive program are designed to equip, empower, and educate grass roots community leaders and local entrepreneurs with the skillset and mindset required to make lasting social impact. ULA provides practical, MBA-level content and training from leading small business owners and C-level executives. Each session is carefully designed to provide principle-center learning, interactive and engaging examples and ongoing access to supporting templates, tools and relevant coursework. To further anchor the training in the hearts and minds of each participant, the Urban Leadership Academy includes:

  • One Group Capstone Activity,
  • A recommended reading list,
  • Quarterly participant gifts,
  • Virtual follow-up sessions and
  • A private Facebook Group for intimate engagement among participants and instructors.
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Below is a detailed overview of each session along with session objectives:

You, Incorporated
Behind every viable vision is a purpose, a plan and a leader committed to growth and personal development. The Urban Leadership Academy is built on the belief that healthy organizations are a by-product of healthy leaders. Guided by a series of time-tested leadership tools, participants will take an introspective look at their most valuable organizational asset—themselves. Leveraging data driven insights participants will discover a personal path to sustained success. Key Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and leverage intrinsic values, motivators and communication styles for personal professional success.
  • Develop emotional intelligence so that participant can lead others with greater empathy, self-awareness, and social management.
  • Implement habits and behaviors which foster teamwork, increase productivity and improve communication.
Create an Executable Strategic Action Plan
Visionary leaders face many struggles. One of their greatest struggles is to navigate the journey between what’s in their heads and hearts into a tangible expression that can expressed with their hands. Many well-intentioned visionaries remain in a constant state of flux plagued by random activity due to the lack of a well documented, clearly communicated, executable strategic plan. This second session of the Urban Leadership academy is designed to propel leaders forward by facilitating the step-by-step creation of a customized road map designed to move them from idea to strategic action. Key Learning Objectives:

  • Leverage a proven 7-step framework to create an executable strategic plan.
  • Specify critical goal categories and set appropriate personal and organizational goals.
  • Increase sustainability through a system of accountability.
  • Establish standards for productivity, processes, quality, and timeliness.
Get Fiscally Fit
In order to solve the pressing issues facing their community visionary leaders need access to funds and the flexibility to use those funds to accomplish strategic vision. Money matters! But…with access comes accountability. This session of the Urban Leadership Academy is designed to expose the participants to techniques and resources that will enable them to fund and run financially healthy organizations. Key Learning Objectives:

  • Establish (or re-establish) a firm financial foundation using 4 building blocks of financial success.
  • Explore the nuts and bolts of a simple, yet effective financial plan.
  • Identify threats to profits and potential remedies to those threats.
  • Increase financial proficiency; identify and overcome self-sabotaging money mindset
Maximize Your Impact: Right Market + Right Message + Right Strategy = Impact Masses
An organization’s ongoing success and growth hinges on its leader’s ability to align its message and mission with those the organization is designed to serve. A fundamental key to being recognized, remembered and talked about is not strategy but remarkability. In this session, participants will discover how to cut through the media clutter and communicate in a way that allows them to connect and develop meaningful relationships with their audience. Key Learning Objectives:

  • Define and discuss characteristics of a viable niche.
  • Identify ideal audience and learn how to turn ideal audience into a loyal “tribe.”
  • Evaluate and refine current market positioning strategy.
  • Introduce the significance of developing a Local Legend Strategy™ for reaching ideal audience.
Uncover Your Unique Brand
In a media-driven culture, perception is often more important than reality. One headline, one post, one image can shift the value of your organization from credible to questionable. Your brand is NOT a logo. Your brand is your reputation; and it must be carefully managed and protected. In this session participants how to cultivate and leverage their personal and professional brand for organizational growth. Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the SIX essentials of a remarkable brand
  • Discover the difference between personal brand vs. company brand and why both matter!
  • Examine your current brand credibility and trustworthiness with THREE easy to implement strategies.
  • Recognize behaviors and mindsets that lead to brand damage.
Build Strategic Partnerships
Relationships are the new currency of today’s economy. It’s not just “who you know” rather it’s the quality of the relationship that matters. Networking is a great way to meet people and forge new relationships–if done correctly. Participants will learn how to build, strengthen and protect strategic relationships. Key Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce the importance of social capital.
  • Craft an introduction that will gain instant credibility and builds trust.
  • Analyze, enhance, and activate your network to achieve goals and improve your ability to impact the community.
  • Learn common networking mistakes that decrease your net worth.
Engage Your Local Community
Your voice matters. And so do your hands. Positively impacting a community requires both. The Urban Leadership Academy was founded on the belief that in order to impact a community you must interact with the community. This session led by local civic leaders uncovers practical ways participants can get involved with their local communities. Key Learning Objectives:

  • Discover specific ways to leverage volunteerism, advocacy, and leadership for positive community impact
  • Examine the value of your own organization through the lens of local community.
  • Learn how to properly connect and collaborate with civic leaders, key community influencers and stakeholders.
  • Learn how to establish an issue-based approach to initiatives and impact.