Dominique Johnson

Keynote Speaker and Mentor

Creating Extraordinary Communities One Champion at a Time

Hundreds of powerful men and confident women are leading lives of influence, no longer casualties of where they’ve come from or what they’ve been, thanks to the inspiration and loving push from speaker, mentor, and community change agent Dominique Johnson.

Dominique Johnson is passionately committed to helping the person – the “average Joe” and “average Jane”—build extraordinary communities using who they are and what they have. Fueled by his by love for people and deep desire to see communities thrive, Dominique leads audiences along a proven path for achieving personal greatness by uncovering the marks of a true champion.

A former Georgia Olympic contender, Dominique was shocked to discover that in the world of competition “you can be a local legend and a national no-name at the same time.” This is why he urges mentees to “never stop working on your game.”

Relentlessly focused on creating champions, Dominique walks those he serves through discovering their true identity, achieving personal wholeness, and living lives of influence.

If you’re looking for a compassionate professional who can encourage, equip and ignite change within your audience you’ve come to the right place. For more information or to book Dominique for your next event, contact Danyelle Gary at [email protected]

About Dominique

With over 15 years of leading individuals to make a tangible difference in their local communities, Dominique Johnson is no stranger to the stage or the streets. Recognized by his local community for his outstanding commitment to service, Dominique Johnson has received several awards including the Wesleyan College Lane Center Servant Leadership Award and Mercer University NPHC –Star Advisor award.

As a tenured Academic Coordinator for Mercer University’s Upward Bound Program, Dominique keeps his pulse on the challenges facing today’s youth and young adults. Since 2011, Dominique has served as the Pastor of Kingdom Life, Inc., a church whose mission is to cultivate positive change within the local community. He is also the CEO and chairman of The Urban Community Empowerment Organization, a non-profit organization geared toward providing community and cultural enrichment through the mentoring and economic empowerment of individuals and families. Dominique holds a BA in History-Political Science from Paine College, an MBA from Wesleyan College and a MA in Practical Theology from Regent University.

Dominique and his wife Chsandra live in Macon, Georgia with their two children Joshua and Kirsten.